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Sobberr Hosting: Fast, Secure And Reliable Web Hosting Services

Sobber Hosting

Welcome to Sobberr, the premier web hosting provider that offers reliable and affordable hosting solutions to individuals, businesses, and organisations.

  • Our mission is to help everyone achieve their digital goals by providing top-tier web hosting services with exceptional customer support.
  • Sobberr has grown rapidly since our inception. Today we serve thousands of customers across the world who trust us for their online presence needs.

Team of Experts In Hosting Industry

As a team of experienced professionals with years of experience in the industry, we take pride in ensuring our clients receive nothing short of excellence.

  1. At Sobberr, we understand that choosing a web host can be an overwhelming process. That’s why we offer customised solutions tailored specifically for each customer’s unique needs.
  2. Whether you are starting your first website or managing multiple high-traffic sites simultaneously; our flexible plans cater for all types of websites and budget requirements.

Our State-Of-The-Art Data Centres

Our state-of-the-art data centres boast impressive uptime statistics with network connectivity guaranteeing fast loading speeds on every page view – essential if you’re looking to keep visitors engaged!

  • We partner with leading hardware providers such as Dell and HP alongside software giants like cPanel and Soft acoelous which enable us deliver consistent performance around the clock without fail.

Your Website Safety Is First

We value transparency at Sobber. Therefore, we ensure your website data is safe when hosted on our servers.

Latest Technology

To this end, four servers come equipped with RAID 10 technology meaning that there will always be spare disks ready so that no interruption occurs even when one goes down.

Free SSL Certification

To assure communication security between client computer systems and ours, a secure SSL certificate seals every transaction by encrypting sensitive information over https connection protocol transmissions.

Easy Access

Additionally, you can control your account from anywhere via an intuitive dashboard making it easier than ever before to deploy email accounts, databases and manage domain nameservers.

Quick Customer Support

  1. Whether through phone, email or live chat, Sobber provides prompt customer supports even beyond office hours.
  2. We recognise what it means when clients face technical bugs thus our team is always available to assist.
  3. An extensive knowledge-base and library of video tutorials keep clients updated with latest trends as they navigate through their online journey.

Unbeatable Pricing

Ultimately, the ultimate satisfaction of our customers is our mission and Sobber delivers it by offering affordable pricing, reliable hosting services, customised solutions and unmatched customer support.

You can trust us for flexible web hosting plans that match your needs. Let’s take your digital vision together!


Our Cloud Hosting Services

Consider using cloud hosting for your website. Benefits include increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability, with automatic adjustments to handle traffic spikes. Cloud hosting also offers easy access to data backups and advanced security features. Research to find the best cloud hosting provider for your needs and budget, by comparing features and prices. Choose a reliable and trustworthy provider to ensure your website is in good hands.

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Our best-in-class WordPress solution with additional optimization to make an running a WooCommerce

Our best-in-class WordPress solution with additional optimization to make an running a WooCommerce.

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Our best-in-class WordPress solution with additional optimization to make an running a WooCommerce.

Abdo Hani

Our best-in-class WordPress solution with additional optimization to make an running a WooCommerce.

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